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The following reports are provided in PDF format PDF:

Makah Fawn Report
- Factors Affecting the Survival of Black-tailed Deer Fawns on the Northwestern Olympic Peninsula, Washington (Updated February 2011)

Thesis by Barbara J. Moeller:
Migratory and Non-migratory Movements and Habitat Use by Female Elk in the Cascade Range of Washington

Thesis by Shannon Murphie:
"Effect of Hair Loss Syndrome on Survival, Behavior and Habitat Selection of Black-Tailed Deer Fawns"

Modeling Elk Sightability Bias of Aerial Surveys During Winter in the Central Cascades - This study was funded by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, BIA Unresolved Hunting and Fishing Rights Grant, and a USFWS TWG grant.

Hoko Game Management Unit Population Estimate 2001

Hoko Game Management Unit Population Estimate 2002

Final Report for Black-tailed Deer Research - Makah Tribe

Movements and Habitat Use of Female Roosevelt Elk in Relation to Human Disturbance on the Hoko and Dickey Game Management Units, Washington - 2006

Diet, Nutrition, and Reproductive Success of Roosevelt Elk in Managed Forests of the Olympic Penninsula, Washington - 2006