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SSHIAP AquaScape Interactive Mapping Application

Core Elements

The delineation of geomorphic channel segments serves as the foundation for all subsequent analyses within the SSHIAP system and is designed to recognize that characteristics of streams are largely shaped by flow, gradient, and cross-sectional morphology (Montgomery and Buffington 1993). The SSHIAP approach to channel segment delineation largely follows protocols outlined in the Stream Channel Assessment (Appendix E) of the Standard Methodology for Conducting Watershed Analysis (Washington Forest Practices Board 1995), and the TFW method manual for stream segment identification (Pleus and Schuett-Hames 1998). SSHIAP identifies channel segment breaks by significant changes in gradient and channel confinement, and at major tributary junctions.

The core elements in the SSHIAP database are:

Segment Gradient
Segment Confinement
Segment Size
Segment Habitat Type
SaSI Stock Distribution
Fish Passage Barriers