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SSHIAP AquaScape Interactive Mapping Application

Segment Habitat Size

The different habitat types recognized in the SSHIAP system are shown in the following table:

SSHIAP Database Code Habitat Type Description
1 Small Tributary Stream with summer low flow wetted width <6m, OR basin area <23mi2 (~1/2 of a USGS 7.5’ quad).
2 Large Tributary Stream/river with summer low flow wetted width ³6m, OR basin area >23mi2.
3 Side Channel Persistent secondary channel, typically with a vegetated island or other persistent landform separating it from the main channel.
4 Side Channel Slough Channel branching off the main stem with >90% pools.
5 Distributary Slough Channel with >90% pools that branch off a mainstem and flow as part of or into an estuary.
6 Lake/Pond Habitat with standing water all year. Shown as unbroken blue on USGS topos; verify with aerial photos.
7 Wetland/Pond Complex Wetland with associated, perennial surface water pond(s). Shown as blue with grass symbols or unbroken blue on USGS topos; verify with aerial photos.
8 Seasonally Flooded Wetland Wetland that holds water for only a portion of the year. Often have perennial surface water channels and are identifiable with aerial photographs. Shown in white with grass symbols on USGS topos.