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CMER Review Version of “The Development and Assessment of the Preliminary Model for Identifying Fish Habitat in Western Washington”

LF_Final_1.pdf (3361 KB)

The following files are the two Procite files containing the disturbance regime literature search database (references with abstracts in a searchable format). One of the files may look like an Acrobat file to your computer, but it isn't. It is a Procite file.

For those that don't have Procite, a trial version is available at The cost of the program for a single user is $299.95.

Riparian-disturbance-final.pdx (432 KB)
Riparian-disturbance-final.pdt (1,011 KB)

The following files are two exported versions of the information. The first contains the information in the Procite database in a rich text format that can be opened in Word or WordPerfect. The second is a text file that has all the fields comma deliminated. You may be able to import this into Excel (the abstracts may pose a problem).

Disturbance lit review references.rtf (495 KB)
Disturbance lit comma delineated.txt (517 KB)